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Discover the Excitement of Upland Hunting with Pointing Dogs

Join Sue Bookhout and her two German shorthaired pointers, Porter and Daisy, at the Pompey Rod & Gun Club Youth Group from 7-8 pm on Thursday, May 19th, for a live pointing dog demonstration. In this casual one-hour event you’ll discover: The three most common upland game birds that live in our area. How pointing…

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Great Bird Dog Training Begins at Your Side

My article titled, “Great Dog Training Begins at Your Side,” ran in the the latest issue of Adirondack Outdoors magazine (Spring 2015). In the article I discussed how basic obedience and yard work is the foundation training a bird dog who will be a team player in the field. In case you are wondering, the unnamed mentor I mentioned…

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VIDEO: Meet my new German shorthaired pointer puppy!

I’m boarding a plane as I write this, headed for Kansas City. I’m going to meet my new German shorthair puppy, Daisy. Watch the video below to get the details. And wish me luck on my return voyage!!!! Along the way, I’m going to livestream via Periscope. if you haven’t checked out the free Periscope…

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Protect your dog from ticks

The snow has melted and the leaf litter is drying out. Ticks are out in force in most all parts of the northeast. If you haven’t so already, now is the time to protect your dog from the ticks, which can make your dog very sick, result in costly vet bills or even cause death. Ticks are a…

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