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Hunting season kicks off in NYS with open squirrel hunting

September 1 marks the opening of the squirrel hunting season in New York State. Anyone with a valid hunting license can hunt gray squirrels, black squirrels or fox squirrels now through February 29, 2016. Red squirrels are an unprotected species and may be hunted at any time of the year and without a limit. Squirrels can be hunted from sunrise to sunset and the daily bag limit is six squirrels.

Squirrel hunting is a great way to get started hunting or to introduce a young person or beginner to hunting. You can use a rifle, a shotgun or even an airgun, which makes it more accessible than some other forms of hunting.

A good rifle to use is a .22 with either open sites or a scope. A 20, 28 or .410 shotgun would also be appropriate. And as far as airguns go, you will want to check with the specs on the gun before you try to use it hunting. Not all airguns will pack enough punch to be suitable for hunting.

I’ve hunted squirrels successfully with my Crosman Jim Shockey Signature Series Legacy .177-Caliber Break Barrel Pellet Air Rifle with Scope. If you do decide to hunt squirrels with an airgun, I recommend that you use a pointed expandable pellet, as opposed to a standard domed small game pellet. I had very good success with the Crosman DES22 .22Cal Destroyer pellets. Lets just say they got the job done quicker.

You are probably wondering what you do with the squirrel once you shoot it. Well, basically you clean it and then cook it. LOL. Stay tuned. I’ve got a couple posts coming on how to clean a squirrel and how to cook the most fantastic squirrel pot pie you have ever tasted.

Share your Squirrel Hunting Tips and Recipes

If you have any squirrel hunting tips or squirrel recipes you’d like to share, please share them with us! You can either email me or post in the comments below.

Until later- Happy Hunting!

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