Hunting and Fishing and everything outdoors in CNY

Open Hunting & Fishing Season in NYS


This is intended as a helpful quick reference. The list is not inclusive of all the species open for hunting and fishing in NYS. For the official regulations, please visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation website.

Early Bowhunting

Oct.1 - Nov. 18 (Southern zone)

Sept. 27- Oct. 21 (Northern zone)

Regular Deer season (firearms)

Nov. 19 - Dec. 11 (Southern zone)

Oct. 22 - Dec. 4 (Northern zone)

Sunrise to Sunset

Check official regulations for Suffolk and Westchester counties.

Ruffed grouse

Oct. 1- Feb. 28 (Southern zone)

Sept. 20 - Feb. 28 (Northern zone)

Sunrise to sunset

Daily bag limit: 4


October 1- November 14


Oct. 1 - Oct. 14 (Northern zone)

Oct. 15 - Oct. 28 (Southern zone)

Bag limit: 1, Either sex


Cottontail rabbit

October 1- Feb 28 (Southern Zone)

October 1- March 19 (Northern Zone)

Nov. 1- Feb 28 (Long Island)

Sunrise to sunset.

Daily bag limit: 6

Gray, Black and Fox Squirrel Hunting

Sept. 1- Feb. 28 (Statewide, except Long Island)

Nov. 1- Feb 28 (Ling Island)


Red squirrels are unprotected and may be hunted at anytime with no limit.


Oct. 1 – Mar. 26 (Statewide except Long Island and New York City)

There are no bag limits for coyotes.

Coyotes may be hunted during the day or night.

Black Bear


Youth Firearms Deer Season

October 8-10

Open to youth age 14-15 with valid hunting license

Either sex with eligible tags


2015-2016 Hunting Season Summary (PDF download)

Download the 2016-2017 Hunting Season Summary PDF from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. This 2-page PDF is a great resource for quickly determining open season dates for all game in NYS.

Click each tab to the left to open it for more info.

The DEC has a decent overall report of the fishing conditions in various waters in CNY. You can access the report by clicking here or by calling (607) 753-1551.